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Thread Tracking

This post is to keep track of what I have going on where and when.
For AC's and the like.

HMD // Player Contact

How's My Driving?

Anon is on | IP logging is off | comments are screened

Player: Angie
AIM: heromode
Personal LJ: brocepticon


[ Action / Text ]

I'm terribly sorry for. I mean, that's not how I normally act! And. O-Oh drat I just don't know what to think or say about all this nonsense. 

Just. I'll be absent the next few days I. I'm not feeling terribly well!!!!!

Oh, and Miss Scientist? I...wasn't able to before, but that sweater you gave me is quite nice, thank you. I'm sure it'll come in handy. 

[ Action for roomies and anyone who would like to visit. ]

[ Flora is curled up on the couch surrounded by a few Tupperware containers and blankets. Her face is in her hands, and a picture is on her lap. She's been that way a while now...

Oh and she's wearing the most hideous sweater imaginable. Yeah, she plans on sitting there forever, hoping that if she stays there long enough she'll just. Become one with the couch. ]

((OOC: Yup! Feel free to assume Flora slept with and/or made out with your character! I'll still be backdating stuff, but I wanted to get this up 8|b))

[ Action action everywhere. ]

Action for apartmentCollapse )

[ Action for everywhere else ]

[ She'll start out near Horton and make her way through the streets of Discedo, trying to find...well, anyone. As soon as she spots someone, she'll run over, waving.

Oh, and she's...still wearing whatever skimpy thing she was earlier. Expect Flirting and attempted make-outs. ]

(( ooc: Flora is affected by lust! Which means that anyone she runs into will be flirted with. If they're of age she'll probably try to get them to jump into bed with her as well so...um...yeah. ALSO, should anyone want that we can just. Assume it happened. Unless you'd like to play it out or somethinglkdsfj. Just let me know!! /)_(\ ))

Fourth waaaalllll

Oh...things seem a bit lively today, hm? Oh, but--For those that are new here, hello and welcome! If you've any questions, well, I'd be happy to answer them.

[ Video ]

Oh--! Jinkies...

[ Flora looks surprised a moment, staring in disbelief at her surroundings. She hadn't expected to return. Actually, she hadn't really expected to leave in the first place. Yet here she was, back from a 'trip' home. And what a trip it was...She hadn't thought so many things could happen in the span of a day.

She sighs, surprise turning to frustration. One could take it as her not wanting to be back in Discedo, but...she didn't really mind being here. Honestly, she preferred it. She just...wished she could have stayed ignorant of the future.

She notices her communicator's turned on and scoops it up, doing her best to force a smile. ]

Well! I never thought I would see this place again. Though I hope I wasn't gone all that long. It was only a short time for me but...well, time here can be peculiar.

I hope nothing of consequence happened in my absence?

[ ... ]

[ Private to Clive ; Text ]

You li

There was so

I'm on my way back to the apartment. If you're still here, well, then I have a few things I'd like to clear up.

[ Video ]

[ So Flora turns on the camera, looking exceptionally cheerful. She's not just cheerful, though! No, she's all dressed up. In a wedding dress, no less! After a moment, she pushes the veil back and smiles at the camera. ]

Mm...has anyone seen my groom? It is a bit difficult to get married without one, after... [ She stops talking, eyes going wide with surprise. And...then there's just confusion. Oh god what is she talking about!?

A hand goes to her mouth as she just. Tries to figure out why she's talking about getting married, yup;. ]


Ah...forget everything I just said! I'm not...I-I mean there's no reason for me to be getting married, and--[ kjsdflkjlkdlslkj

Yupyup, shutting off the communicator now.]


[ Text ]

Clive? Could you please think of a reason for me to come home? It can be anything, really! I just need an excuse so I don't seem rude...

[ Five minutes later ]


That wasn't private, was it.


003 Puzzles ; [ Voice ]

[ There's a dismayed cry. The sounds of hurried footsteps, rustling fabric and panic--Flora had woken to what she thought would be a normal day, but was instead met with the sight of her parents swinging from the ceiling. She could feel her stomach drop in abject horror. How could this be happening?  ]

N-no. Nonono...oh no. This can't be--Not them, not--[ Again. But her voice is lost somewhere in her throat. She was just babbling. In a panic. What was she supposed to do? ] Ah---Help! Someone, please. They. Th-they're...[ They're dead. Dead and hanging from her rafters, and she didn't know what to do.

A sob. The sound of bare feet running across a room. The slamming of a door.

The feed ends. ]